Invisible Braces

Many people would like to have straighter teeth, but dread the thought of wearing braces. That is because traditionally, braces are unattractive, uncomfortable, and may interfere with normal eating, drinking, and hygiene. At our Lehigh Valley – Bethlehem Pennsylvania dentist’s office, we are thrilled to be trained and equipped to offer our patients tooth straightening through the exciting new Smart Moves clear tray system. Smart Moves replaces Invisalign in our office for anterior tooth movement. The cost for Smart Moves is considerably less than Inivisalign and we are excited to pass the savings on to you.

Smart Moves is a nearly invisible, removable, and comfortable tooth straightening process. It is easily implemented, as well. First, we pre-qualify you for treatment, making sure your second molars are erupted, and determining if the amount of alignment required is within the parameters of the system’s design. Then, we simply take some xrays of your teeth, along with an impression, write the prescription for your treatment plan, and send the information to the Smart Moves Lab.

We then receive a series of comfortable, clear, invisible, removable trays which gently move your teeth in the desired direction.

For your part, you simply wear each set of trays for a two-week period, removing them for brushing, flossing, and eating. There is no outside evidence that you are having your teeth straightened, you can eat and drink what you like, you can continue to clean and floss properly, and you will not have to contend with metal brackets, mouth irritation, or achy teeth. When you talk and smile, no one suspects a thing. Plus, you will spend a whole lot less time in the dentist’s chair, since we do not have to make adjustments as with traditional braces. You will just need to come to see us every 6 weeks to evaluate the movement of your teeth.

If you are as excited about the Smart Moves opportunity as we are, then please do not hesitate to ask us for an evaluation appointment. We look forward to being able to help create that smile you have always wanted at our Lehigh Valley – Bethlehem Pennsylvania office.