Intraoral Camera

Intraoral video imaging involves the use of a small camera with a fiber optic light source small enough to be placed within the mouth. This camera is attached to a computer, which allows the images of your teeth to be displayed on the computer monitor. These intraoral images can then be stored by the computer or printed out just like a photograph.

One of the nice things about computers is their ability to store these images in their memory indefinitely. We can access these images whenever we want, in order to compare one  photograph with another. At the same time, the computer allows us to send copies of these images to other dentists or physicians, thereby improving our ability to consult on issues that may be of strategic importance. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Some conditions we can see better with intraoral cameras that are difficult to see with the naked eye include: various types of oral pathology and lesions, broken fillings, cracked teeth, a variety of gum conditions, and cavities in areas that are difficult to see and reach. You will be amazed by the quality of the images.

Another intriguing aspect of imaging is its ability to use the computer to predict cosmetic alterations without ever actually having to touch a tooth. Close a space, change the shape of a tooth or just see what your teeth would look like a shade whiter. Cosmetic Imaging makes it all possible!