Full Dentures

How we make Full Dentures

Just because a patient has lost their teeth, does not mean that they have to look like they have fake teeth, when they have a denture made. Too many dentures look like a row of Chicklets. Not at this dental office. We take our time to make sure the final result is a natural and comfortable full denture . We have a try-in stage where the teeth are in wax, and we give plenty of time for the patient to look and say what needs to be changed. If a tooth needs to moved, no problem, we heat the wax and move it to the patients’s liking. If the teeth are the wrong size or color, we change it. If the patient wants another opinion, we encourage them to bring a spouse, friend, child, or anyone whose opinion they respect, to this try-in appointment. If they have an old picture of themselves with a nice smile, bring it in and we will match it. The bottom line is, until the patient says that the denture looks EXACTLY right, we will not process it. This way the patient receives just what they want, with no suprises. We love to see a natural looking smile when the patient leaves.