Digital Dental X-Rays

The average person is exposed to 2.0-4.5 mSv of background radiation a year. Hence, daily environmental exposure is about 0.01 mSv.

  • Daily Environmental Exposure (0.01 mSv) 77% 77%
  • 1 Dental (Periapical) Film (0.00325 mSv) 25% 25%
  • 4 Bitewing Films (0.013 mSv) 100% 100%

Each of us is exposed to the equivalent of about 1,108 bitewing X-rays per year (about three bitewings per day) through background radiation.

We take about two to six bitewing X-rays each year.  The benefit of early diagnosis far outweighs the small exposure especially with digital radiography.

Early diagnosis avoids complicated, time consuming and expensive dentistry.  A simple filling is generally 1/10th to 1/20th the cost of complex care (root canals, crowns or implants).

Digital dental X-rays are the safest type of medical X-ray procedures performed.  They provide the best preventive and diagnostic dental care available.

Our industry leading technology enables us to get clearer, more detailed images of your teeth with over 75% less radiation than traditional x-rays.  Working digitally allows us to be more efficient and accurate.

Shane Klingonsmith, DMD

Dentist, Pure Family Dentistry