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Preventive Dental Services

Most people take their teeth for granted, but that is not a successful strategy. If you would like to keep your teeth for life, you have to keep them healthy, which is exactly what our oral hygiene care, individualized instruction, and preventive services in Bethlehem – Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania are designed to help you do:

Restorative Services

Life can be tough on teeth. Oral health problems, like most other health problems, are best dealt with while they are small. It may seem inconsequential that your silver fillings are old and worn, but a little weakness or cracking may quietly result in bacterial invasion with decay or breakage of that tooth. Yet, by taking the offensive and using composite resins (tooth-colored fillings) or porcelain crowns (depending on the extent of the breakdown), we eliminate such concerns entirely. That is why we are so vigilant to inspect every nook and cranny of your mouth, alert you to potential dangers, and recommend early, conservative restoration as needed. In addition to protecting and restoring your teeth better, the “tooth-colored” restorations obviously keep or bring back the look of your teeth to a natural, nonmetallic appearance. Our Bethlehem – Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania restorative dentistry services include:

Periodontal (Gum and Supporting Bone) Services

Healthy gums and the supporting bone are the foundation of a healthy mouth. Yet over 80% of people walk around unaware that they have a significant level of chronic gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis). Our solution is comprehensive in-office therapy, which includes meticulous exams, charting, and monitoring for even the tiniest hint of disease. We then help everyone with that unbeatable combination, patient motivation and patient education. After careful diagnosis, deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) is an important next step, so that the deposits that harbor bacteria are removed from the surface of your teeth and roots. This is done thoroughly but painlessly, with the use of topical and other anesthetics to numb the teeth and gums. Our gum care services include the following:

  • Charting and Diagnostic Services
  • Patient Education
  • Appropriate Home Care Supplies
  • Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planning)

Cosmetic Dental Services – Bethlehem & Lehigh Valley, PA

Most people give very little thought to the impact their teeth and smile have on others around them, on their close relationships, and on their own sense of confidence and well-being! With our training, coupled with today’s technology and advanced materials, there is almost no limit to what can be done to improve darkened, chipped, cracked, crooked, or otherwise “less than happy” smiles. Often, we can give you an idea of how things will look after cosmetic dentistry by use of our intraoral cameras and cosmetic imaging on the computer. Just ask us about what our smile services and cosmetic dentistry could accomplish in your mouth and in your life!

Trendsetting Technology

As we have said already, recent advancements in dental technology are truly impressive. We have taken full advantage of those things proven to benefit our patients and our practice efficiency. For a closer look at any of these wonderful investments at our Bethlehem – Lehigh Valley, PA. dental office, just ask when you visit.

  • Digital X-Rays – comfortable, easy to use and delivers remarkable image quality, our sensors dramatically reducing the exposure required for traditional x-rays.
  • Diagnodent – A laser that conducts a quick, comfortable, and highly accurate tooth decay diagnosis without poking or prodding.
  • Cosmetic Imaging – you can see what the “after” looks like on the computer before any changes are done.
  • IntraOral Camera – accurately portrays your teeth in a digital format so that we can discuss the dentistry you may need or want.
  • Paperless Office & Chairside Computers
  • Computer Aided Patient Education
  • CEREC 3D CAD/CAM technology which enables us to make crowns in just one visit
  • SonicFill, sonic-activated, bulk fill dental composite system for posterior restorations.
  • Isolite Mouthpieces for better visibility and moisture control, resulting in improved efficiency, clinical results, safety, and patient comfort.
  • Patient Comfort Measures: HDTVs with wireless headphones in all rooms.  Roku players with Netflix, Pandora or hundreds of other online entertainment channels to view, warm blankets, complimentary drinks by Keurig, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), anxiolysis (oral conscious sedation).



What our patients are saying…

Absolutely Wonderful

My experience with Shane Klingonsmith, DMD and his staff was absolutely wonderful ! The office staff is so welcoming and friendly and Dr Shane is so genuine and kind. I felt so comfortable. I had to have 2 crowns replaced and Dr Shane did such a wonderful job – it looks perfect and it was pain free. I would definitely recommend Pure Family Dentistry to anyone for any dental needs.
- Deanna Bosco

Caring and Kind

I have known Dr. Klingonsmith for many years. He is not only a caring and kind person, he is a person of high integrity.
- Gene K

Thank you

Thank you Dr Shane for your great care and attention in looking after me,a once nervous patient! Particularly care in administering the anaesthetic for the removal of two wisdom teeth. A very friendly staff that do all possible to make a nervous patient comfortable!! Sr Alison Joy
- Alison Whybrow

Excellent dental practice!

My husband, I, and our two children use Pure Family Dentistry and we are all very happy with their service. Our youngest is 11 and a little leery of dental cleaning, but they make it fun and work with her so she is not afraid. I have the utmost confidence in them, and know our dental health is in good hands. I DEFINITELY recommend them to anyone looking for dental services!
- Patty Williams

Pleasant Dental Visit

Dr. Shane is the most personable dentist I've met. He and his staff made this stressful, anxious appointment the most pleasant and relaxing one I have ever had. Who likes having their teeth fixed? He and his staff are like friends and family....and I feel confident that the care I received there is top notch.
- Deborah Balga

Relaxed with no pain

Everyone makes you relaxed...they always remember you and you always have a nice discussion about mutual interests....and there is NO pain.....way to go Tammy, Kelly & Dr. K!!!
- Ted Litke

Keep going back

Personal and professional service- I will be there in another six months. Excited to bring my fiancé back with me!
- Joefin

Two Molars Out

I went shopping for a new dentist about a month ago and decided to check Pure Family because they are close to home. This was a good move for me. They started with a full set of x-rays and followed with a plan to fix some problems. The first job was to extract two molars that were not useful to me. I was not looking forward to having two teeth pulled, but the procedure went very smoothly. I had no pain at all and two problem teeth are out.
- Bob Bouman

A pleasant experience

Caring, professional people. They strive to know you as a person in addition to providing excellent care.
- Rich Swirsding


With the pleasant staff and a dentist who takes the time to answer all my questions, it was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.
- Dennis Rector

Great Service

I have been to Pure Family Dentistry for multiple items...cleanings, fillings, and restorative work. Dr. Shane Klingonsmith and his staff are the very best. Very professional, courteous and reasonably priced. Best dentist in the Lehigh Valley.
- Glenn Geissinger

Comfortable and familiar

I have been going to this dental practice for over 20 years. Although the dentists have changed and the name has changed, the caring and compassion hasn't. The dental hygienists are the same nice and friendly people I have known for years. It's a good environment for people that have a little hesitation about going to the dentist. They make you feel comfortable and at ease while you are in the "chair". Thank you for the 20+ years of dental care, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
- Stacie Pearson


I recommend Pure Family dentistry for all your dental needs. I recently had a crown replaced and the experience was excellent. Dr. Shane is very caring and gentle as can be. I had a crown replaced from years ago and it was completed in a single visit. The crown was actually fabricated on site and with extra special care from Dr. Shane. His primary concern is care for the patient. Also, his staff is second to none with a very friendly atmosphere.
- John Guido

I found the perfect dentist office.

I was really nervous when I arrived. All the staff were really nice. They helped me to calm down. Dr. Shane took his time when giving me the novocaine and I didn't feel a thing! Everyone there deserves five stars. I will definitely be going back.
- raymond johnson

So Happy to have my teeth (and my fear) taken care of at last.

You know those little cartoons you see in the yellow pages, "we cater to cowards"? Dr Klingonsmith and his whole staff REALLY do. I was terrified when I got there (after hiding from dentists for 20 years) and told them so and they were all just so kind and friendly. I was able to have a large cavity repaired without panic or pain. Dr. K has mad skills and he and his staff all majored in compassion. Someone is there to hold your hand.
- Sharon Beth Johnson

Excellent experience

I can't tell you how wonderful Dr. Shane and the staff are in this office. I have never experienced a more professional yet personable atmosphere ever. The only complaint is that I can not go here for my primary care as well!
- G. Laut

Miss Molly

I just had sealants put on my teeth, and it was a good experience. Nothing hurt and nothing was bad! Before they started they asked me what I was worried about and they made sure it didn't happen. It was done very quickly, and I'm happy they are my dentists. I give them an A++!!
- Miss Molly
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